Description : Warden Style Spitfire Tracer

€¢ Using High Power UV LED bulbs

€¢ Can last up to 30,000 rounds when fully charged

€¢ Full Auto rated up to 35 RPS (2100 RPM)

€¢ 2 sides light sources for optimum illumination

€¢ Built-in Lithium battery, Battery level indicator (Green, Red light)

€¢ Using Micro USB port for recharging

€¢ Quick charge: 5 Mins for 1000 rounds

€¢ Automatically turn off when idle for 40 Mins (Battery Protection)

€¢ Suggest to recharge at least one time for every 3 months

Thread: 14mm Counter Clockwise

Color : Black

Material : Aluminium

Weight : 150g

This is a replica, it cannot be used in real firearm!!

May need modification to install.

Also there may be scratches on the product and the packaging.

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RGW Warden Style Spitfire Tracer

  • Brand: RGW
  • Product Code: RGW-SI30
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $58.90

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